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Fifth and Root was born from an obsession with plants and love of clean skincare. We’re scientists and herbalists, passionate about making clean, plant-rich skincare designed to shield your skin from urban life struggles –

digital exposure, sun damage, pollution, and other chemical culprits. Made from antioxidant-rich plants, essential oils, gemstones, and pure hemp oil, our glow-up skincare solutions help protect skin from daily urban stressors for healthy skin that vibes.

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Made with Only the Good Stuff

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CBD Full Spectrum Extract

Helps balance skin to combat inflammation, redness and irritation

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Powerful Plant Actives

Helps boost natural collagen production for a dewy, healthy complexion

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Work together to destress, calm and protect against potential aging

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Shield against daily stressors like pollution, unseen chamicals and blue light

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Nourishing Oils

Rich in essential fatty acids and victams to deeply hydrate and retain moisture

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Aromatic oils and smoothing agents that protect, uplift and enhance absorption

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Cruelty Free

PEG Free Sulfate Free
Silicon Free Paraben Free
Dye Free Phthalate Free
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Plant Based

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Formulated with pure plant magic

We formulate our products with energetic interconnectedness of everything in our world in mind - omitting toxins and irritants that deplete our energy and health overtime, including energy depleting culprits - toxic chemicals, synthetics, GMO’s, parabens, phthalates, harsh preservatives, skin-stripping sulfates, and animal byproducts.

nstead, we pack each formula with high-vibe, plant-based ingredients that allow the skin and body to radiate with the highest frequency.

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Your skin responds to your vibe

Skin is the largest organ in our body and what we put on our skin impacts our vibrations to our core.

When cells are healthy, meaning they’re not damaged in some way, and they’re able to efficiently metabolize nutrients, their vibrational frequency is high.

When cells are unhealthy, their vibration slows, and so does our vibe and it shows up in our skin as acne, dullness, redness, aging, and hypersensitive skin conditions.

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High-vibe ingredients

Fifth & Root formulas are made with high-vibe ingredients that help elevate the body, beauty and spirit. Through a holistic mindset backed by science, we focus on what an active ingredient will do to your skin AND how the entire product can improve your overall well-being.

Whether it’s through a calming cannabinoid, grounding gemstone, or stress-relieving adaptogen, each formula is designed elevate your skin’s health and vitality.

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Terpenes are plant magic! They are aromatic oils that give plants their unique scents and impart protective properties essential to a plant’s
survival. There are thousands of different terpenes, each with its own odor and falvor composition. They’re also the chief compounds in essential oils, which means that essential oils are basically made up of many individual terpenes.

Not only do they drive the benefits of other plant compounds in our formulas and enhance skin penetration, they’re also known to have super powerful and positive effects on our physical body as well as our mental and emotional well-being, including brain health, cancer-fighting abilitieis, and mood-enhancing effects that support high-vibe living!

The magic is made in-house

Unlike other “trend”-based CBD skincare companies, Fifth & Root formulas are uniquely created and developed by women scientists and herbalists in our own R&D and manufacturing facilities in Irvine, CA. We test every ingredient and every formula to ensure safety and performance, and we make sure that every formula feels heavenly.

We’re beyond passionate about plants and making formulas without typical toxins that do more harm than good. All our ingredients are ethically sourced through our preferred suppliers that we know, trust and are aligned with our ethos of protecting Mother Nature.

We’re the terpene trailblazers

Our formulas are also powered by Abstrax Tech, our sister company and the progressive leader of the Terpene Industry. We work closely with
Abstrax on selecting premium plant terpenes that not only provide the right aromatic benefits, but also increase the potency of each formula.

Terpenes by Abstrax are:

  • + Of the highest quality
  • + Have the most complex terpene profiles on the market
  • + Ultra pure, 100% free of any fillers
  • + Have consistent flavor profiles
  • + Undiluted by PG, VG, MCT, or Coconut Oil
  • + Undergo rigorous processing SOPs
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