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Glow Up with Fifth & Root’s Vegan Beauty and Natural Skin Care

Look good and feel better with your new go-to vegan brand in pure beauty.

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Fifth & Root is sure to become your go-to pure beauty brand. Our vegan beauty and natural skincare products will help you look good and feel better, one plant-based formula at a time. From aloe vera and chamomile to tea tree oil terpenes, squalane, and Vitamin C, cleansing, hydration, and skin health will never be the same.

At Fifth & Root, we share your love of pure beauty and skin care. Our team of scientists and herbalists is passionate about crafting plant-based skincare products that give your skin a natural glow with the natural ingredients and high vibes you crave. Our clean skincare products are the antidote to the struggles of modern urban life, from digital exposure and sun damage to pollution and other contaminants. Paired with skin disease, hormones, allergies, and other skin problems, your routine could undoubtedly use a hand in protecting your skin and promoting natural skin health inside and out.

Our natural products are ideal for various skin types and countless skin problems, too. With active ingredients like fruit enzymes, nourishing oils, analgesic herbs, antioxidants, and more, your esthetician or dermatologist will be thrilled to see your enlarged pores, skin impurities, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, rosacea, breakouts, oily skin, atopic dermatitis or eczema, psoriasis and other irritations taken care of between appointments.

Whether you have sensitive skin and allergies to most conventional cosmetics or you’re just looking for an addition to your typical beauty products, Fifth & Root will add a little extra sustainability and high-vibe energy to your skincare routine. From gentle exfoliation and facial cleansing to get rid of dead skin cells to masks and oils that boost collagen output and bring the spa to you, these natural skincare solutions will have a permanent place on your wishlist.

For a magical glow-up, our products are always a good choice to craft your natural skincare routine and fuel your transformation both inside and out. Whether you want a face wash that brightens and purifies to promote skin health or your dream moisturizer provides hydration alongside anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, you’re in luck. Our current inventory of professional products features ingredient lists that do all of these different things and more—and you know any new arrivals will use these same key ingredients in every step of your natural skincare routine. Pro tip: sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know of any new natural products you’ll want to add to your routine.

Layer our serums, creams, and natural nutrients with your favorite cruelty-free cosmetics for fearless self-expression that’s as sustainable as it is beautiful. Whether it’s a firming soak or dermatologist-recommended dermatitis treatment, our natural beauty essentials ensure your cleansers and other skincare products are ready for all-day wear without the risk of allergic reactions or other adverse effects. Your go-to cruelty-free makeup brands have finally found the additional support they need for vegan and cruelty-free beauty that runs more than skin deep!

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Natural Skin Care Products

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Full Spectrum CBD Extract

Balances skin and combats inflammation, redness, and irritation

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Powerful Plant Actives

Boost natural collagen production for a dewy, healthy complexion

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Destress, calm, and protect against fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging

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Shield against daily skin irritants like pollution, UV rays, and blue light

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Nourishing Oils

Hydrate deeply and retain moisture with rich fatty acids and vitamins

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Protect, uplift, and enhance absorption with aromatic essential oils and soothing agents

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Vegan &
Cruelty Free

PEG Free Sulfate Free
Silicon Free Paraben Free
Dye Free Phthalate Free
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Plant Based

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Plant-based magic formulates our pure beauty must-haves.

Our vegan beauty essentials consider the Universal Law of Vibration and the energetic interconnectedness of all things. We formulate Fifth & Root products by omitting the toxins and irritants that deplete your energy and, by extension, detract from your health over time. Our natural products are key to healthy skin, whether you use our cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, facial oil, mask, or another solution.

What are some of the toxic ingredients we avoid? Think synthetic ingredients (including synthetic fragrances or perfumes), GMOs, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, sulfates, and animal byproducts like lanolin and carmine. Ingredients like these strip the skin of all the benefits a natural beauty and skincare product can provide.

Instead of these harmful ingredients, we pack each Fifth & Root formula with high-vibe, plant-based ingredients made to let your skin glow. Isn’t that what you want from your ideal skincare routine?

Not yet a believer? Check out our lists of ingredients featuring natural products like argan oil, true botanicals, Vitamin C and vitamin E to prevent photodamage and negate free radicals, and even small bits of crystal for extra support. Even our packaging meets customer demand for sustainable skin care products—we use only eco-conscious packaging that reflects our ethos.

Our high-quality products and vegan beauty solutions allow your body to radiate with the highest frequency possible. Our 100% plant-based ingredients meet you with the high vibrations you expect from your skincare.

When you pick up one of our pure beauty products, you want to treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss. Natural ingredients and plant-based formulas put together a magic potion that’s ready to transform your complexion and your confidence in one skincare spell.

Samples of Fifth & Root's botanical tincture, exfoliating cleanser, mask, facial oil, and body balm spilled on white tile surface

Your skin responds to your vibe.

Energy moves through the entire body, and your skin is your largest organ—of course, what you put on your skin impacts your vibrations both inside and out. Healthy, undamaged cells can efficiently metabolize nutrients and vibrate at a high frequency. However, unhealthy cells, though, have a lower vibration, which manifests in skin concerns like acne, dullness, redness, aging, and hypersensitivity.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern traditions have long since turned to natural skincare to prevent problems from breakouts and acne to psoriasis and dry skin. A natural skincare routine frees your skin from harsh chemicals and synthetic alternatives, instead offering the natural oils your sensitive or combination skin (or any different skin type) craves.

Just a small amount of Fifth & Root’s natural skincare as part of your beauty routine—whether it’s a natural exfoliant to tackle dead skin or a simple daily moisturizer—will promote healthy skin and create the perfect canvas for your favorite vegan cosmetics (or no makeup at all).

When you want to bring your inner beauty outward, your vibration and energy are essential. Pair high vibes with pure beauty, and you’ll show off your most magical side. When you reach for Fifth & Root‘s product offerings, you know you’ll find clean vegan ingredients free from cruelty and toxins that could lower your frequency.

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Vibe with our high-vibe ingredients.

At Fifth & Root, our formulas emphasize high-vibe natural ingredients to promote beauty, body, and spirit. Our holistic mindset is backed by science, uniting the biological benefits of each ingredient with the wellness advantages they offer. Whether it’s through a calming cannabinoid, grounding gemstone, or alleviating adaptogen, each formula is designed to elevate your skin’s health and vitality while improving your overall well-being.

When you visit your dermatologist, they’re most likely not discussing the vibes and energies affecting your skin. Even typical vegan makeup brands can overlook this essential component. That’s okay—our natural skincare solutions are happy to fill that void. From the integrity of our core values to the powers of each ingredient, Fifth & Root is here to offer all the natural beauty benefits your skin needs

Your daily routine will feel like a great experience at your favorite wellness spa when you add the organic ingredients behind Fifth & Root beauty products. Whether you want an acne-fighting toner or serum or a vitamin-rich lotion or cream, look to our pure beauty must-haves before turning to those less-than-natural ingredient labels.

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What is the secret ingredient to our plant-based magic? The natural power of terpenes! There are thousands of different terpenes, each with its own fragrances and flavors. These aromatic oils give plants their unique scents and impart protective properties that are essential to a plant’s survival. They are also the chief compounds in essential oils, which are made up of many individual terpenes.

In our Fifth & Root formulation, terpenes drive the benefits of our pure beauty compounds and enhance skin penetration for each ingredient. But, beyond this, they’re known to have powerful positive effects on not just the physical body but on mental and emotional well-being, too. Terpenes can impact brain health, anti-carcinogenic qualities, mood-enhancing effects, and high-intention living more generally, to name just a few of these superpowers.

For instance, take bakuchiol, one of our favorite terpenes and an active ingredient in our high glow facial oil. In clinical trials and studies, it’s been shown to have retinol-like qualities in battling wrinkles and hyperpigmentation but with a lower risk of irritation.

We make our magic in-house

Vegan beauty and skin care are more than just a trend. At Fifth & Root, our entire line is developed by skin care experts, scientists, and herbalists within our own research and product development team and manufacturing facilities here in Irvine, CA—right here in the United States. The experts behind our woman-owned and woman-run company make magic by testing each ingredient and every vegan formula to study its safety and performance. As a result, we ensure that each product works well and feels like heaven on your freshly radiant skin.

Conventional products, like lotions, eye creams, scrubs, toners, serums, and other retail options, utilize toxins that do more harm than good, even when they come from some of the beauty brands makeup lovers swear by. Not Fifth & Root. We ethically source only the best ingredients for our natural skin care and obtain it through suppliers whom we know and trust. Our preferred partners share our ethos and work to maintain our mission of protecting Mother Nature through environmental responsibility while crafting spell-binding skincare with clean vegan products you and your furry friends can trust.

You can pair our natural products with your favorite vegan makeup, organic products, and must-haves from across the beauty world, knowing that our cruelty-free claims are backed up by our own commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. A vast majority of our products are vegan, save for Salvation—and even that uses only responsibly sourced organic beeswax.

Our botanicals are free from harmful chemicals and free from animal cruelty that sneaks into other brands. So, you know that your skincare routine is doing its part in not just providing healthier clean skin but supporting the planet, too.

We’re the terpene trailblazers

Our sister company, Abstrax Tech (another U.S. brand), is the progressive leader of the terpene industry and the powerhouse behind each of our transformative formulas and industry innovation. We work hand-in-hand with Abstrax to select premium plant terpenes that provide aromatic benefits while increasing the potency of each powerful product. The therapeutic benefits of terpenes promote an entourage effect and work cumulatively to further support your body and beauty needs.

Unlike some other cruelty-free products or DIY home remedies, Fifth & Root skincare products and Abstrax terpenes provide good results for all your personal care needs without unnecessary additives. We focus on the important things, not diluting different products with ingredients like MCT or coconut oil. You don’t need excess oils like jojoba oil or an excess of mineral oils like in different options you might find on the shelves–your skin's natural oils do a great job of promoting clear skin and even skin tone and texture with just a few natural ingredients and the power of terpenes.

Terpenes by Abstrax:

  • + Are of the highest quality
  • + Use the most complex terpene profiles on the market
  • + Are free from any fillers
  • + Have consistent flavor profiles
  • + Are never diluted by PG, VG, MCT, or Coconut Oil
  • + Undergo rigorous processing SOPs
  • + Create natural pure beauty products

Whether you're a beauty editor searching for the best options on the market or an everyday skincare lover who’s used one too many sheet masks with harsh ingredients, you’re in the right place. Fifth & Root products are the magic you need for a natural skincare routine, letting you take care of your skin in a kinder, more natural way.

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