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Bring life to your skin with high-vibe skin therapy made with real CBD, Terpenes & an entourage of magical plant goodness.
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At Fifth & Root, we believe that for a skincare product to truly be clean, it must be good for you and the environment. To us, clean skincare is defined by products that are entirely free from harmful fillers and produced without compromising moral values. Fifth & Root is dedicated to creating high-performance skincare that's vegan and cruelty-free. As an organic skincare brand, sustainability and transparency are always on our minds. That's why we include our complete ingredient list on every product page. So go ahead, check it out! Our vibes are immaculate.

Fifth & Root firmly believes that parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and fillers have no place in the beauty industry or on your body. If you have questions or concerns about which of our natural ingredients were derived from organic farming, check the ingredients list for the asterisk or view our FAQ page! We are also proud to showcase behind-the-scenes manufacturing footage on our Instagram page, @fifthandroot. While the beeswax we use in our Salvation body balm is responsibly sourced and fully organic, we kindly acknowledge that some individuals do not consider beeswax to be vegan. If you would prefer not to participate in the consumption of sustainably sourced beeswax, please be aware that our Salvation body balm contains it.

That being said, rest assured that none of our other products contain beeswax. Our skincare brand abides by the EWG personal care product standards. EWG, or the Environmental Working Group, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping consumers make safe and healthy choices. This organization was founded in 1993 and consists of a team of advocates and scientists who protect public health by working to identify harmful industry standards and government legislation. The EWG aims to provide consumers in the United States with in-depth research and analyses regarding personal care products, cosmetics, food, and more.

We're so glad you asked! This organic skincare brand is proud to be created and owned by women. Studies indicate that women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income into their communities and families. To put that statistic into perspective, their male counterparts are reported to reinvest just 40 percent of theirs. An investment into women-owned businesses is an investment into communities, families, economic gender equality, and women empowerment in general.

With so many mass-production-focused skincare brands on the market, it can be challenging to remain socially conscious while shopping. Finding and supporting brands that live up to all your values is a time-consuming and noble endeavor. We believe that as a consumer, you shouldn't have to choose between quality skincare and mindfulness. When you support Fifth & Root, here's what else you'll be supporting:

* Gender parity in commerce
* The campaign against animal cruelty in the beauty industry

* The replacement of parabens, fillers, and synthetic chemicals with botanicals and other sustainability-focused natural ingredients

CBD and other cannabinoids have long been researched due to their potential role in alleviating common symptoms of discomfort. Discomfort may be defined as bodily aches and pains, a racing mind, or the inability to relax. Some studies have even indicated the possibility that these natural ingredients can provide pain-relieving effects to those suffering from symptoms associated with cancer.

Fifth & Root continues to live up to the promise of being a fully organic skincare line by sourcing all hemp extract ingredients from a GMO-free organic farm in Colorado. CBD does not cause the intoxicating effects that are typically associated with THC usage, so you don't need to worry about feeling "high" when using our skincare products. Before you begin any new regimen, it is best to consult with your doctor, esthetician, and dermatologist to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.

Terpenes are the source of a plant's fragrance. Not only does the use of terpenes allow us to avoid using synthetic fragrances, but they have been said to carry medicinal benefits as well. Research into the therapeutic usage of terpenes and essential oils is limited. However, some studies have shown evidence of a multitude of health effects. Most famously, aromatherapy fragrances like lavender and peppermint have been used to facilitate relaxation and restful sleep.

Cosmic Collections

Quality skincare doesn't end with topical products. Serums, creams, lotions, and scrubs are excellent ways to feel immediate results. However, caring for your body starts from within. That's why we use premium natural ingredients like essential oils for fragrance and fruit extracts for maximum absorption. Try giving your skincare regimen a pick-me-up by pairing it with our Drops of Sunshine tincture or buttery Salvation body balm. Your body is a temple. Treat it to a full-spectrum self-care routine consisting of luxurious botanicals and indulgent organic ingredients.

Organic Products Designed With Your Pretty Face in Mind

This powder-to-foam exfoliating cleanser utilizes gentle exfoliants that are tough on impurities but soft on sensitive skin. In other words, you can finally add an exfoliant to your skincare routine without any of the typical repercussions. Goodbye dry skin and redness, hello foamy, cleansing goodness. Karmic Cleanse is infused with antioxidant-rich superfoods like matcha tea and fruit extract enzymes that digest dead skin on contact. Karmic Cleanse's French Green Clay absorbs toxins to reveal purified, healthy skin.

With 50 mg of infused CBD and terpenes, you can be sure this cleanser is working hard to soothe your facial skin. So how does it work? First, these organic ingredients will penetrate your pores to drag out deep-set, stubborn impurities that can cause blemishes and irritation. Next, you'll use a circular motion to activate gentle exfoliants like ground hemp and crushed jade to brush away excess oil and dead skin cells. The result? A radiant complexion and baby-soft texture. Snag a bottle of this green skin care dream at Fifth & Root only.

Many people have a hard time finding a high-performance hydrating moisturizer that isn't too heavy for combination skin. Thanks to Fifth & Root's dedication to all-natural ingredients, we've solved that dilemma once and for all! This soothing 250 mg CBD-infused formula is designed to replenish your skin's moisture barrier without weighing you down. Urban stressors like pollution can contribute to skin imperfections like blemishes or discoloration. To protect your sensitive skin, gently apply this cosmic cream in a circular motion.

Anti-inflammatory organic ingredients like plant peptides and orange blossom will immediately begin hydrating even the thirstiest of dry skin. Aside from the boost of Vitamin C, citrus has been known to aid in removing dead skin cells. This dead skin cell removal encourages the generation of new skin cells that keep your skin's texture feeling soft and supple. This marvelous moisturizer has no added sulfates, chemical dyes, or fillers, as with all of our organic skincare products. It's safe to say this hydration cream is another win for sustainability in skincare. Buy a bottle of this Fifth & Root organic beauty exclusive here!

Dry skin? Dull complexion? Say less! Fifth & Root's bestselling radiance oil is formulated to boost cell renewal and give you that gorgeous glow you've been searching for. This miracle skincare product contains 300 mg of CBD, calming herbs like ashwagandha, and true botanicals so you and your skin can rest easy.

Psst! The secret ingredient in this oil is Bakuchiol. This antioxidant-rich partial terpene has been shown to have similar functionalities to retinol. Retinol, however, can be tough for sensitive skin to acclimate to. This remarkable oil is an excellent alternative for improving discoloration, dark spots, and wrinkles. The best part? Our High Glow radiance oil comes in a handy dropper. Accordingly, a few drops of High Glow oil can be added to any of our other organic skincare products for an extra burst of hydration. Go ahead, add some glow to your cart!

That face mask may have you searching for the other kind of face mask. Consistently wearing cloth or paper over your chin, mouth, and nose can result in acne even for the most resilient skin types. The Moonlight cooling glow mask is the perfect addition to any beauty regimen that needs an anti-acne pick-me-up. Moonlight is made from the organic ingredient Kaolin clay, but it's so buttery that you might mistake it for a cream. With 250 mg of active ingredients like ultra-calming CBD and cucumber, you can enjoy the spa experience you crave from home.

Next up on the ingredient list, you'll find turmeric. This organic skincare ingredient can help subdue sensitive skin and reduce redness and inflammation. However, our favorite ingredient in this formula is the one that gave this mask its namesake: Moonstone. Moonstone has long been said to absorb negativity and harvest the energy of the moon. So make this mask yours, soak in the good vibes, and rinse away the rest! Pro tip: follow this step of your regimen with our hydrating moisturizer to lock in nutrients.

Bundle up, buttercup.

Starting a new regimen doesn't have to be expensive. At least, not with Fifth & Root's organic skincare line. If you started out looking for one new product and ended up wanting to revamp your whole skincare routine, don't worry. You're not alone. That's where exclusive offers like the fresh start face bundle come in! Get the entire package without breaking bread when you pair these bestselling favorites: the Karmic Cleanser and the Second Nature Calming Facial Moisturizer.

Good Vibes Inside and Out

The Drops of Sunshine wellness tincture is perfect for adding a little boost of good vibes to your morning tea or afternoon smoothie. Or, place the dropper directly under your tongue each morning like you're taking a daily vitamin. No matter what route you take, you'll be supporting healthy skin and higher energy levels. We took our time formulating the perfect blend of CBD, CBC, and CBG to make you feel as soothed as your skin. Other notable ingredients include antioxidants like turmeric and herbs known to reduce cortisol levels, like ashwagandha. Visit the Sunshine Shop at Fifth & Root only.

For an immersive experience, check out our bestselling all-over CBD salve: Salvation. Good vibes aren't limited to your face when you indulge in this velvety body balm. Put aches, pains (and possibly yourself) to bed with the soothing scents of Buddha Wood and beeswax.

The combination of full-spectrum hemp extracts and therapeutic terpene blends were specially formulated to penetrate the skin for optimal relaxation, inside and out. Salvation has several applications, but many people claim that the CBD and terpene blend helps combat inflammation and soothe symptoms of an overactive mind. Buy the balm and bliss out!

Want the whole package?

If you thought our skincare bundle was a great deal, wait until you hear about our all-intensive wellness bundle. Pair the luxurious Salvation body balm with our Drops of Sunshine wellness tincture for a spa-worthy relaxation regimen. Our vegan ingredients tend to have a shorter shelf life than non-cruelty-free items that contain preservatives. For this reason, Fifth & Root handcrafts small batches. In other words, get your inflammation-fighting personal care products while they last!

Full-Spectrum Spa Treatment

Clean skin is happy skin, so let's start with our Karmic Cleanser! Pro tip: rinse your face with warm water before lathering up. Cold water may not effectively wash away surface impurities, and hot water may cause irritation or dry skin. One of our favorite things about the Karmic Cleanse is that the level of exfoliation is fully customizable. The powder-to-foam technology allows you to add as little or as much water as you need, depending on your skin type.

Once you've rinsed off the Karmic Cleanse, it's time to bliss out with the Moonlight cooling glow mask. After you've applied a generous layer of gemstone- and CBD-infused Moonlight, it'll take about 10 to 15 minutes for the clay to dry. Run a warm bubble bath, meditate, or grab a good book for a restful and rejuvenating time out before rinsing thoroughly.

It can be highly beneficial to lock in nutrients with a moisturizing cream after a restorative treatment like Moonlight. Enter our it-girl, Second Nature. This lightweight luxe lotion is designed to soothe irritation-prone skin. The full-spectrum CBD extract fights inflammation. In other words, those who suffer from redness after using clay products will fall in love with this mineral oil miracle. If the thirst is real, try adding a few drops of High Glow for an ultra-moisturized, dewy glow.

We promised an all-over spa treatment experience, and we intend to deliver! Introducing: our heavenly, high-vibration body salve, Salvation. You don't need sore muscles to appreciate the effects of this body balm. The added moisturization and aromatherapy will have you blissed out and beautiful. Our favorite natural ingredient in Salvation is the Buddha Wood. Buddha Wood has therapeutic purifying properties and is used by monks for meditation.

This and other centuries-old organic ingredients like St. John's Wort work together to provide soothing comfort and grounding vibes. To get the most out of this step of your spa experience, rub down your body and set aside a few moments to practice some deep breathing. You'll allow ample time for the salve to soak in while reaping the relaxation benefits of its aromatherapy.

This final step comes after the glorious sleep you'll enjoy after the four-step routine mentioned above. The morning after your self-care day, try putting a dropper-full of our Drops of Sunshine tincture under your tongue. This action-packed dose of CBD, turmeric, and ashwagandha will nurture your skin from the inside out while providing an extra boost of good vibes and energy. This concludes the immersive Fifth & Root full-body experience, guaranteed to give you life!

We can't wait to share our good vibrations with you. Questions about our ingredient list, product line, and more can be found on the FAQ page. Insightful blogs from our team regarding beauty, style, travel, and more are located on the Fifth & Root journal page. We are not just another skincare brand. Our goal is to foster an eco-friendly, socially conscious community. Want to get involved? Great! We can't wait to become BFFs. Follow us on social media or visit our contact page for our complete company directory.

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