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Try An Evening Bath Ritual to Melt Away Negativity

Is your energy all over the place? Nerves feeling raw? Try our evening bath ritual to melt away negativity and boost good vibes. You deserve it!

Try An Evening Bath Ritual to Melt Away Negativity - Fifth & Root

Some days are rough. Sometimes you don’t ace that test, land that promotion, or connect with the cutie on the elevator. And you know blows! Toxic positivity is real, so we’re not here to say that life isn’t hard or that bad things won’t happen as long as you keep smiling. All of your emotions are valid and important, even unpleasant ones like grief, anger, frustration, and guilt. 

The important thing to remember, however, is that you’ve already made it through 100% of the rough days so far. Seriously, you’re amazing! 

So, instead of telling you “everything’s going to be alright” we’re here to say you have all the tools you need to overcome any obstacle. And one of the easiest ways to remember that is with a personal ritual designed to help you melt away negativity and boost positive vibes. Keep reading to learn about the Fifth & Root Evening Bath Ritual. 

Why You Should Give Rituals a Try

You don’t have to burn incense or light candles for something to be a ritual (although feel free if that’s your vibe). If you were an athlete in school, you might have had a pre-game ritual you performed with your team. Maybe you have a friend that you Skype with once a month. Or maybe you just like to get up and sit quietly with your morning cup of tea. ALL of these can be rituals! And they serve very important purposes.

Rituals are about completing specific actions with mindfulness and intention. Rituals help us regulate our emotions, help us perform tasks better, and they can even help us create stronger social connections. For example, the phrase, “get your head in the game” is a motto that athletes take very seriously. That’s because if they’re not in the right frame of mind, they won’t perform at their best. Pre-game rituals help athletes quiet thoughts that get in their way or cause anxiety.

You probably already practice personal rituals without even realizing it. Do you jam out to certain songs while getting ready for a date? That’s a ritual! Maybe it helps boost your confidence, connect with your sensuality, etc. Whatever the case, rituals help us change our mindset, attitude, and ways of thinking. And THAT is why you should give rituals a try!

Fifth & Root Evening Bath Ritual

We don’t know about you, but we’re constantly hustling. First, there’s work tasks. Then family obligations and perhaps an attempt at a social life. It doesn’t sound like a lot but each of those things requires time and energy. Sometimes even when everything goes right we can feel drained at the end of a long day. So, when life gets particularly stressful, it can really leave us feeling frazzled and emotionally exhausted.

That’s why we designed this Evening Bath Ritual. We wanted some way to cleanse ourselves of any stagnant or negative energy and make room for positive, healing vibes. 

Plus, there’s a ton of room for adjustment! Don’t like candles? Don’t use candles. Do you prefer showers to baths? That’s totally fine! We’ve broken it down to the most basic components so you can tweak it to fit your needs. Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their skin, and that’s what this ritual is all about.

Gather Any Necessary Materials

While this is listed as the first step, you’ll probably want to read through ALL the instructions to figure out exactly what you’ll need. Since we wanted to make this as versatile as possible, we’ll give you lots of ideas on how to personalize your ritual. Keep going!

Gather supplies for your Evening Bath Ritual - Fifth & Root

Set the Mood

This is where you’ll light a candle, burn some incense, turn on an aromatherapy diffuser, or whatever! It’s all about creating an atmosphere where you can relax, unwind, and tune out any distractions. This entire ritual is designed to help you focus your energy, so don’t feel like you have to follow someone else’s rules. 

We recommend choosing some items that help you tune into your senses. That might be music, things that smell good, using diffused lighting, or you could get creative! Need a little help getting started? Here are a few of our favorite ways to set the mood…

  • Place a few of your favorite crystals around the bath or bathroom counter.
  • Safely light some candles (this is great for both light and smell).
  • Burn your favorite incense.
  • Add flowers or herbs to your bathwater or hang them on your shower head.
  • Play soothing music or nature sounds.

There are no rules on how YOU connect with your energy, so do what feels right.

Get Clean!

If you have a bath, go ahead and slide into the warm water. More of a shower person? That’s totally fine! Turn the hot water on and step into the shower. This is probably the simplest, and easiest step of this entire ritual. Plus, it’s just practical! At some point you were going to take a bath/shower anyway, so why not indulge and turn it into a self-care experience. 

Go ahead and wash up, but while you’re doing that...

Be Intentional With Your Thoughts

This is the most powerful aspect of any ritual. Be gracious with yourself and know that this type of work takes practice. You might feel very silly at first, or you may even feel overwhelmed. When we’ve pushed our emotions down for too long, it can feel very intense to actually take time and examine them. But that’s what we invite you to do right now.

Moonlight Cooling Glow Mask - Fifth & Root

Pro Tip: If you need extra help getting into the right frame of mind, consider using a CBD-infused face mask while soaking in the tub. Our Moonlight Cooling Glow Mask has 250mg of Full-Spectrum CBD for maximum relaxation and balance. 

One of the easiest ways to get into this mindset is to take a moment and focus on your senses. If you lit candles, focus on the flickering flame and its warmth. If you have nature sounds playing, close your eyes and sink into the sounds. The mood you set up earlier will help you do this, so take a few moments to connect with the elements you added to your ritual. You can call this meditation, mindfulness, or just being in the zone. Whatever you call it, it’s designed to help quiet your mind so you can focus on what matters. 

Let your mind sink inwards and examine the things that are pulling on your energy. It’s okay if you can’t identify them at first. If that’s the case, you can simply focus on those negative feelings. Let yourself really FEEL them. Do your best to understand why you’re feeling that way, but don’t dwell here too long. Acknowledge these emotions and then let the water wash them away.

Let Negativity Wash Away

Imagine that those negative feelings are being washed away by the water. If you’re in the shower, this is particularly easy. Picture the negativity washing away and disappearing down the drain. Prefer to soak in the tub? Imagine the negativity soaking into the bath water and leaving your body. Then simply stand up and let it disappear down the drain. 

Promote Calming and Positive Vibrations

After letting go of that negative energy, it’s important to ground yourself and promote calming, positive energy. One of the best ways to do this is to celebrate and show gratitude for your physical body. 

Believe it or not, our emotions have a big impact on our bodies. Stress can lead to muscle tension and even digestive issues. So, letting go of those negative emotions is actually phenomenal for your physical wellness. After you’ve put away your ritual supplies, we recommend doing some light stretching, eating a small snack, and/or applying holistic skincare products. 

Second Nature Calming Facial Moisturizer - Fifth & Root

Honestly, we’re a fan of all three, but skincare products are a big part of wellness for us. Our favorite way to feel grounded and promote positive energy is with a Calming Facial Moisturizer. We included 250mg of balancing CBD along with calming adaptogens and plant peptides for the ultimate relaxing, moisturizing experience. When applying, we imagine all that goodness sinking into our skin and infusing us with positive energy. Plus, the hydrating and nourishing benefits are a huge bonus for our skin 😉

Design Your Evening Bath Ritual to Fit Your Needs

That’s pretty much it! While our evening bath ritual involves eucalyptus oil, ocean sounds, and some lavender sprinkled in our bathwater (trust us, it’s awesome), yours might look totally different. And that’s perfectly fine! Your energetic and emotional needs might be completely different from ours, so why should your ritual look the same. You’re so unique and beautiful, so your rituals should reflect that.

Also, please remember that your emotions are valid. While this ritual is great for getting rid of the normal everyday stress and negativity we all experience, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking to a mental healthcare professional. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your skin, and if that means working with a counselor or therapist then we support you 100%. 

Thanks for hanging out with us today. Be sure to follow us for all the latest updates, and drop us a comment letting us know what your evening bath ritual looks like!

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