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Skin Care and Your Overall Health

If you find yourself regularly browsing for the next new serum or researching moisturizing beauty products that keep your skin tone vibrant, you may think you're becoming a little obsessed with skin care. And hey, there's nothing with that at all! The truth is everyone, no matter their skin type should have some kind of care regimen. After all, your skin is your largest organ. It's crucial to protect your overall health by having a proper skin-care routine. It's also important to make sure you're using products that are bringing the most benefit to your microbiome, eliminating acne, wrinkles, and all those other unfortunate sights in between.

Our skin protects us from the elements.

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Some may think that a skincare obsession is just taking things too far, but Fifth & Root wants you to know that your obsession is actually just proper health care. Your skin serves as the barrier for bacteria entering your body. A lack of proper skin care is actually a means of compromising your immune system. Any foreign particles or pollutants can break down tissues or cells, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and significant sun damage which does put you at risk of melanoma, or skin cancer, later in life.

Fifth & Root fuels skincare addiction with organic products that are designed to help all skin types approach their routines safely, without too many fragrances and irritants that actually trigger acne, redness, and clogs up pores. Second Nature Calming Facial Moisturizer protects you from pollution and unseen chemicals that can actually do significant damage to complexion and skin tone. Plus, these products are designed with sensitive skin in mind. With an inflammation-fighting formula, rich in CBD and plant peptides, your skin is ready to fight back against oils, pollutants, and more.

Skin care is actually nutritional.

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Skin care is body care, so your obsession isn't just a fad for millennials or Gen-Z. It's actually just as important as taking your vitamins regularly. The vibe is always to do what's best for our insides and outsides. Fifth & Root understands the importance of vitamin-rich skincare products, with an emphasis on antioxidants. Our Karmic Cleanse Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is a powder-to-foam formula that gives your skin a daily hit of superfoods like Matcha Tea and Fruit Enzymes. With a regular scrub, you can draw out surface impurities that cause oily skin and unsightly blackheads.

For Fifth & Root, it's important for skincare products to emphasize the natural essence that you possess within. Much like how we work on a workout regimen and diet to get in shape, the right skincare routine controls the tone and texture of our most vital organ. With the Salvation All-Over CBD Salve, you can take on irritation and dryness but also achieve a more meditative state through exfoliation. This is a perfect natural alternative to a chemical exfoliant that can cause dry skin or clog your pores. 

Healthy skin improves your mood.

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A lot of people think skin care obsession is just another expense, but the truth is that obsession can help put your mindset in the perfect place. When you're feeling stressed, your skin shows it with acne breakouts or worsening eczema conditions. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables helps produce healthier cells. Those same enzymes in fruit can also benefit dry skin and make you feel like you just got out of a day spa. Fifth & Root creates their skincare products with natural formulas in mind that are seeking to provide greater tone and a glossier look that's almost like pure morning dew.

With the Drops of Sunshine Revitalizing Wellness Tincture, you'll receive high-vibing all-natural goodness that will give you both the sensation of perfect skin as well as the confidence you need to shine throughout the day. Nashi Pear terpenes within this tincture promote energy and vitality while providing protection from wrinkles and fine lines. These terpenes are designed to help the skin fight back against urban stressors like pollution. Those stressors are the root cause of dull and sensitive skin, causing discomfort and inflammation. With potent antioxidants like Turmeric, you'll feel the effects of serotonin like you just stepped into the sunlight.

Skin care keeps you looking youthful.

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By eliminating skin damage, you can keep your skin looking defined and toned, which will leave people asking about your good genes and perfect skin. An obsession with skin care means you practice good body care which ultimately promotes a healthy vibe both mentally and physically.

With the right skincare products, you can help protect against sun damage which is a root cause of wrinkles and additional irritation, such as eczema and sunburns. As you get older, your skin begins to age and there are natural processes that take place, like the loss of collagen, in addition to fine lines. This can be reversed by using organic skincare products or serums.

If you're looking for ways to care for your skin, there’s no better time than the present. Fifth & Root's Moonlight Cooling Glow Mask gives you the weekly solution to your skincare routine. This evening face mask helps you mellow out with CBD-rich creamy clay that penetrates your stressed-out skin. With ultra calming whole-plant CBD and cucumber, you can soothe your face while Kaolin Clay draws out the impurities in the pores. Turmeric and Prickly Pear Enzymes help to recharge and raise the skin's vibration for that magical moonlit glow and overall better skin tone.

You see, skin care is just part of a great overall health regimen, and Fifth & Root is here to support your skincare obsession. Consult with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist to get some insight into your skin type, and the right formulas to help your largest organ. You can explore the goods that suit your vibe and have your face and body feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to be shown off to the world.

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