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How to Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Cold weather, dry air, and flaky skin--oh my! Winter is right around the corner, so it’s time to update your routine. Keep reading and discover how to Winterize Your Skincare Routine.

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While it would be so convenient to say “Oh, I always have oily/dry/combination skin,” that’s rarely the case. That’s because your skin changes in response to age, pollution, stress, and its environment--that means weather! As our skin adjusts from fall to winter, many of us experience dry and flaky skin, a less vibrant complexion, and even just lower energy overall. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a few adjustments to your normal routine, you’ll be glowing all winter long (inside and out 😉). Keep reading and discover how to winterize your skincare routine!

Why Should You Change Your Routine With The Seasons?

Our skin, and overall vibe, can take a dip during the winter months for two reasons--environmental changes and changes to our daily activities. Obviously, it’s colder during the winter, but it’s a bit more than that. 

The overall humidity level drops, meaning there’s less moisture in the air. This causes your skin’s moisture to evaporate more quickly which can mean dry, itchy, and flaky skin. What’s even worse is that all that extra dead skin can lead to clogged pores and a dull complexion. A lot of people try to combat this by sticking close to heaters or by taking steamy baths or showers. While this definitely warms our hearts in the short term, surprisingly, it can have the opposite effect. 

Just because you’re hovering near the heating vent doesn’t mean your skin is getting extra hydration. Subjecting your skin to a hot, dry environment is basically like toasting it. Those who resort to hot, steamy environments run the risk of stripping the natural oils from your skin. Those oils are essential to protecting and moisturizing your skin. So, while it’s tempting to live in your scalding hot shower, please resist the urge. 

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The other reason our skin naturally seems less vibrant during the winter is due to several key changes to our daily activities. If you find that you don’t work out as much when it’s cold, then your skin won’t naturally purge as many toxins through the simple act of sweating. Even just staying inside more means we’re not moving our bodies as much. That can result in a stagnant lymphatic system which means puffier skin and blotchier complexions. 

Perhaps, the biggest change that impacts our skin is the lack of sunlight. While we’re constantly telling people to protect their skin from the sun with hats and sunscreen, it’s still an important part of your overall health. We get a good portion of our Vitamin D from sunlight. Since we don’t get as much sun exposure in the winter, many people become deficient in this vitamin. That can lead to low energy, anxiety, premature signs of aging, and even a worsening of conditions like psoriasis or eczema. 

So, how do you maintain your good vibes and glowing complexion during the winter?

Step Up Your Exfoliation In The Winter

Exfoliants should be part of everyone’s skincare routine. While it’s true that some complexions don’t need to practice this step as often, it’s still important to rid your skin of pore-clogging dead skin cells. Since most of us experience more dry, flaky skin in the winter months, it’s pretty logical that you may need to step up your exfoliation game.

If you rarely exfoliate, stick with something gentle and only use it as needed. For those of you who were already exfoliating fairly regularly, consider adding some type of exfoliating mask to your routine. That way, your exfoliation practice doesn’t become too abrasive and start to irritate your skin. 

For our readers with combo skin, you may do a bit of both. If you start to notice a ton of flaky skin, then add in that once-in-a-while exfoliating treatment. On the other hand, if you notice your skin starting to feel raw and irritated, take your foot off the pedal and go back to your normal routine. 

Infuse your body lotion with extra nutrition for enhanced moisture - Fifth & Root

Step Up Your Moisturizer In The Winter

After you’ve got your new exfoliation routine figured out, you should notice a more even, brighter skin tone. That means it’s time to protect it with enhanced moisture. Like we said earlier, the low humidity causes the moisture in your skin to evaporate more quickly. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re moisturizing adequately. 

This can feel counterintuitive for oilier complexions that are prone to acne. Oftentimes, these individuals try to keep their skin as dry as possible. However, this can sometimes lead to even MORE acne. For those beauties, start slow with a cream moisturizer. As your skin adapts to it, you can move onto a nourishing facial oil. If, at any time, you notice that your skin is developing more blemishes, go back to the level of moisture that your skin is comfortable with. 

The whole point is to give your skin enough moisture so that it can create a barrier against the harsher winter environment. Those with dry skin are already familiar with this issue. That’s why those with dry skin may jump right into using a facial oil. The enhanced nourishment will give your skin the boost it needs to overcome winter dryness. 

Enhance Your Body Lotion With Nourishing Oils

If you haven’t been doing this already, prepare to have your mind blown. While many people are mainly concerned with the skin on their faces, the skin on your entire body needs extra moisture. Our clothing offers some protection from the cold, dry air--but it’s not always enough.

I mean, come on. We’re not the only ones who experience the occasional dry patches on our knees, shoulders, elbows, etc. Sometimes just applying your daily body lotion twice a day is enough. If, however, you still find yourself dealing with patches of dry skin on your body, add a few drops of our High Glow Radiance Facial Oil to your lotion. Simply, put your lotion in your palm, add a few drops, mix, and massage. 

High Glow Radiance Facial Oil - Fifth & Root

Yes, it’s that simple! The full-spectrum CBD helps soothe and balance irritated skin while our blend of seven nourishing oils provides essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. Basically, it’s a simple way to enhance the moisturizing properties of your lotion while keeping the skin barrier healthy and intact. 

You can thank us later.

Soak Up Some Sunlight or Supplement With Vitamin D

This step might be trickier, depending on where you live. That doesn’t mean you should give up entirely though! You NEED Vitamin D for your physical and mental well being. So, whether you have to don your coziest winter-wear and take a brisk walk outside or if you have to bask in front of the brightest window in your house--soak up some sunlight! You can even use this as an excuse to meditate, jam out to music, and basically practice some mental self-care. 

It should be noted, however, that you can still get sunburned in the winter. Just because the UV index is lower doesn’t mean you’re immune to frying your skin. Luckily, a light sunscreen will make it so you can still get your daily dose of Vitamin D without too much risk of burn. 

If you don’t have a practical way to soak up some sunshine, consider adding a high-quality Vitamin D supplement to your routine.

Winterize Your Skincare Routine Like a Pro - Fifth & Root

Winterize Your Skincare Routine Like a Pro

Maybe some of these tips seem like common sense, but you can thank us when all your friends and family keep asking why your skin is positively glowing! 

Other ways you can stay happy and healthy during the winter months include staying hydrated, giving your body as much rest as it needs, and showing gratitude for your loved ones. Even if that means sharing the not-so-secret tips to your glowing complexion.

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