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How to Combat Acne with CBD

Veteran acne fighters can rejoice! CBD Beauty Products are the best weapon in the war on acne.

How to Combat Acne with CBD - Fifth & Root

If you’re like most of us, you’re intimately familiar with every visible pore on your face. Whether you have a happy or strained relationship with your skin, it's a visible representation of your inner health. Stress, fatigue and dehydration can all be seen on your face. But when we start to see these signs we don’t always have the opportunity to take a break from our hectic lives to do what our body is asking, like meditate or take a nap. There’s no need to feel defeated though, because science is showing that CBD can help you fight and win the war on acne.

What Causes the Majority of Breakouts?

To understand how CBD can help banish your blemishes we first need to take a closer look at the skin on your face. Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in your skin that produce a waxy or oily substance called sebum. Sebum plays an important role in our skins overall health by moisturizing the skin on our face and scalp. So without sebum we would have scaly, or dry skin.

But if sebum is good, what does it have to do with acne? You may have noticed that when you’re stressed, you’re more prone to acne breakouts. Here’s exactly why. When we’re stressed our bodies release cortisol which prompts your sebaceous glands to produce extra sebum. This excess sebum can clog your pores leading to the development of inflammation and bacteria. Then boom, acne! Luckily, CBD contains soothing, medicinal properties that are perfect at fighting the leading causes of acne.

How Does CBD Combat Acne?

First, CBD reduces cortisol production. So the next time you feel a stress related meltdown coming on that you know will lead to acne in the morning, try a CBD infused mask the night before.  You could even try a CBD Face Wash in the morning to help your skin fight bacteria throughout the day. Slowing down cortisol production means that your sebaceous glands won’t be producing the excess oil that leads to acne. That way you’re giving your skin the weapons it needs to fight acne at night and throughout the next day as well.

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Studies have even shown that CBD regulates oil glands and reduces inflammation. So not only will it help prevent future acne, but it can soothe acne inflamed skin that you’re already suffering from. Its antibacterial properties and potent antioxidant powers revitalize skin suffering from oxidative stress AND keep skin looking fresh.

The next time you're stressing out about stressed induced acne...don't stress! CBD will be your skins new best friend. Trust us when we say this is the start of a truly beautiful friendship.

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