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Celebrate Virgo Season With Self-Improvement and Healing

After the fierceness of Leo season, it’s time to ground ourselves and focus on self-improvement and healing. Keep reading to discover how to embrace those Virgo vibes!

Get ready to get your life together this Virgo season - Fifth & Root

Have you found yourself writing more to-do lists or signing up for more fitness challenges lately? Well, it’s not just all the back-to-school ads that are encouraging you to be more productive. It’s Virgo Season!

Before August 22nd, we were in fiery, social Leo season. However, once the sun moved into earthy Virgo, you may have noticed a drastic shift as that expansive energy transformed into more practical, productive thinking. Virgos may not be party animals, but they get sh*t done!

And if you think none of this applies to you because you weren’t born under the sign of the maiden, think again. There are Virgo-inspired lessons to be learned for every astrological sign regardless of which house your birthday falls under. So tune in, take notes, and read on for some top tips on harnessing those Virgo vibes. 

Virgos Are The Life-Coaches We All So Desperately Need

Let’s make sure we understand what makes Virgos so...Virgo!

First, just because they’re not grinding on the dancefloor to WAP, doesn’t mean they don’t make big moves. For crying out loud, some of our favorite Virgos are Zendaya, Keanu Reeves, and Beyoncé (swoon). So, if they are on the dancefloor, their moves are perfectly planned and executed. 

These mutable earth signs are ruled by the planet Mercury. This makes them particularly logical, intellectual, a tad materialistic, and oftentimes perfectionists. Sometimes this makes them appear hypercritical, but it’s because they simply don’t have time for anything less than perfection. They’re hard-working problem-solvers, and if Leo season left you feeling scattered and overwhelmed, Virgo season is here to help you get your sh*t together. 


Virgo Vibes

If you’re looking to rock a Virgo-inspired look, then select from a few of their characteristic colors, stones, and more!

  • Virgo Colors: Silver, Indigo, Sage Green, and Dark Violet
  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Gemstones: Amethyst, Carnelian, and Pyrite
  • Scents: Wintergreen, Sage, Almond, and Blackberry
  • Flowers: Lily of the Valley, Poppies, Honeysuckle, and Iris
  • Symbol: Virgin/Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
  • Season: Late Summer

We’re envisioning smart, chic looks that flow effortlessly from the boardroom to more casual settings like coffee shops or museums. Virgos make professionalism look effortless, but feel free to get creative with your looks!

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What Can We Learn From Virgo Seasons 2020

In Leo season we were focused on our external world, but Virgo season has us looking inwards. As the sun makes its late-summer journey, you might find yourself focusing on the foundations of your future. This involves creating new routines, new methods of organization, and more. But it’s all in the name of taking care of yourself and working towards your goals. 

This might look different for everyone, but this newfound focus will help you take steps that improve your overall well-being. Perhaps for you, it’s about physical or mental health, fitness, diet, your career, relationships, or even your work-life balance. Each astrological sign will have its own unique take on this progress, so take notice of any areas of your life that could use some cleaning up.

No matter what form it takes, however,  this season is all about progress and moving forward. Basically, if you have any projects that have been on the back burner for a while, it’s time to finish them up or cut your losses. 

Virgo Season Encourages Us To Get Organized

While each astrological sign might be focusing on just one area of their lives, Virgo season invites us to be organized and critical about it. This self-analysis will help us figure out what’s essential, practical, and truly serving our greatest selves. That means anything superficial, repetitive, or redundant should get the boot. 

This might seem cold for emotional water signs like Pisces or Cancer, but these analytical decisions will streamline your life making you happier and more successful. So, reorganize your schedule to fit your needs, plan out actionable steps to achieve goals, and work on those time management skills.

Self-Improvement Is A Virgo MOOD

The whole point of all that organizational energy is to help you focus on the areas of your life that need some improvement. Virgos get a bad rap for being perfectionists, but it’s all in the name of improving oneself and living your best life. Organization and efficiency are Virgo’s jam because it lets them spend their time wherever it’s needed most. 

Maybe you need to streamline your career so you can spend more time focusing on your fitness. Perhaps you need to cut ties with a toxic friend to work on your mental health. Whatever it is, remember that all that analytical energy is here in the name of progress.

Virgos Know Self-Improvement Can Involve Healing

Part of self-improvement involves dealing with any unresolved traumas and dramas. For whatever reason, we often hold on to things that hurt us. Sometimes it’s our hurt feelings over a past relationship, that cute dress we swear we’ll fit into soon, or even our favorite heartburn-inducing spicy food. If these things aren’t serving you, this is a good time to work on letting them go. That way, you can focus on healing.

Virgo season tends to come with an environmental hypersensitivity, so we’ll be more aware of anything that’s hurting us or holding us back. If you ignore these things, you’ll feel more stressed out and overworked. That’s because you’ll have to work twice as hard to KEEP these things in your life. Sometimes it’s just easier to let things go. 

Once that weight is gone, focus on resting and recharging. Give your mind and body the fuel it needs by eating nutritious foods. Take time to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Develop a nourishing, healing skincare routine. Pour more energy into the relationships that nourish your soul, even if that relationship is just with yourself!

Take time to really notice everything that you consume. That includes the foods you eat, the information you absorb, the pages you follow, and the energy you’re surrounded by. Give yourself a physical and mental break by avoiding sugary, processed foods, and superficial interactions or energy. Give yourself the best of the best and only consume the things that fill you with energy and motivation. You deserve it!

Virgos may not be party animals, but they get stuff done - Fifth & Root

What to Watch Out For This Virgo Season

Perfection might not actually exist, but it’s still a Virgo’s eternal mission to strive for it. That can sometimes lead to feelings of burnout or even failure. Which, if you think about it, is pretty ironic as many Virgos are incredibly successful. 

So, while you’re kicking ass and taking names when it comes to your goals, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Don’t overthink everything. That can be hard for analytical Virgos, but taking a step back can help you avoid being overly critical and paranoid.
  • Don’t overwork yourself. Unless you enjoy that overwhelming sense of burnout, remember to take breaks and rest. What’s the point of all this progress if you never get to slow down and enjoy it!
  • Avoid guilt and self-criticism. With all this introspection, it’s easy to be overly critical of yourself and end up feeling guilty. Remember that you deserve love at all stages of your life and that there’s a lesson to be learned from every experience. Honor where you’ve been and keep moving forward.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Being too logical or rational can sometimes take the fun out of progress. While you’re writing all those to-do lists, don’t forget to schedule in some time to chill out and let loose.

You Are Capable of So Much This Virgo Season!

This season asks you to step up and work towards the best version of yourself possible. Maybe that means improving your home life, fitness routine, skincare regimen, or even just cleaning up the clutter on your desk! Everyone is different, but Virgo energy can help anyone get their act together.

We hope this gave you some clarity and helped you understand how to best harness those Virgo vibes. All this organization will definitely come in handy when the sun moves into Libra on September 22nd. We won’t give too much away, but we will say that all this planning and efficiency will make Libra season go a LOT smoother.

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