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Can Skincare Products Really Boost Your Mood?

Noticed how certain products put a smile on your face? Turns out, some ingredients CAN influence how we feel! Discover how skin care products really can boost your mood.

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Let us paint a picture for you. 

After snoozing the alarm for the third time, a sleepy cutie finally roles out of bed. As they’re yawning and stumbling towards the bathroom, all they can think about is crawling back into bed. They go ahead and start their skincare routine and, slowly, the smell of their cleanser helps them perk up. As they smooth on moisturizer they feel even more awake and positive. Once they’re done, they wink at themselves in the mirror and feel ready to take on the day.

No, that’s not a commercial. That could actually be you! Well, depending on the products you use anyway…

Have you ever noticed how a lavender scented lotion or pillow spray helps you feel calm and ready for sleep? Or what about that bright, citrus scented body spray that puts a pep in your step? When products use certain ingredients, they really can influence the way we feel. Sometimes they help energize us, soothe us, and they can even help us combat stress and anxiety. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, read on and discover exactly how skincare products really can boost your mood!

Certain Ingredients Can Influence Your Mood

In the past, skincare products might have been all about how they make you look. It was all about clean skin with an even skin tone and a glowing complexion. Now, don’t get us wrong, we think skincare should absolutely help you achieve that. However, we believe beauty isn’t just about how you look. Let us explain...

Some days your skin won’t be perfect (gasp!). Whether it’s hormonal acne or dull skin from an all-night study session, life comes at you fast and your skin is a reflection of that. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still feel confident and beautiful. Those “flaws” we mentioned earlier aren’t really flaws. They’re an indication of all the things you and your body are working through. They’re natural. 

That’s why we think feeling good is just as important, if not more so, than looking good

Pssst! Don’t tell the rest of the beauty industry we said that.

Admittedly, we prefer to have the best of both worlds. That’s why we use clean ingredients with mood-influencing properties that also promote beautiful, polished skin. What can we say, we like to have our cake and eat it too. So, here are a few different types of ingredients that promote gorgeous skin and good vibes.

Skincare with adaptogens help to reduce stress for a more confident outlook - Fifth & Root

Adaptogens Reduce Stress For Less Anxiety and More Confidence 

Maybe stress isn’t that big of an issue for you. However, it’s still important to slow down and take stock of your energy, because a lot of us are so used to stress that it can feel like the natural state. What makes it even trickier, is that once your body starts thinking that stress is normal, it’s really REALLY hard to break that cycle.

This is where adaptogens can help! These natural plants, flowers, and even mushrooms help stabilize your body's responses to stress. If you’ve ever heard someone swear by ginseng for energy, that’s an adaptogen. Maybe someone uses a reishi supplement to help them wind down. That fancy little mushroom is an adaptogen too!

If you’ve taken a look at the ingredient list on some of our products, you’ve probably noticed we LOVE adaptogens. Over time, these ingredients work to bring balance and harmony to your energy, anxiety levels, and several other areas of your life. It really just depends on the adaptogen. In fact, here are two of our favorites…


This flowering plant is also known as Golden Root. When it comes to your skin, it’s all about improved circulation and protection. That means your skin can protect itself better against UV damage and pollution. Its antioxidant properties also give it some anti-aging benefits. With lots of polyphenols and proanthocyanidins, Rhodiola gives your skin a boost when it comes to fighting oxidative stress while increasing cell turnover.

This plant is particularly unique, however, since it contains a unique set of chemicals called rosavins. Several studies have shown that this phytochemical may act as a memory aid. On top of that, it can help decrease stress and fatigue, and it may even increase your athletic endurance. Sign us up, coach!


Not only is this adaptogen really fun to say (ash-wa-ghan'-duh), it’s phenomenal for your skin and your mood! This classic Ayurvedic staple has been used for centuries to promote mind-body balance. For your skin, this adaptogen helps to de-stress, unclog, and even out skin tone. Ashwagandha has natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits that are useful for congested, acne-prone skin. 

Even if blemishes aren’t your biggest concern, this adaptogen has something for everyone. It’s ability to boost collagen, hydration, and combat free radicals means it will energize your skin while promoting that elusive glow. There’s a reason we included this adaptogen in SEVERAL of our products.

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Additionally, if you’re looking for something to help manage emotional stress, THIS is the adaptogen for you. Ashwagandha contains alkaloids and lactones that can soothe overactive stress responses while keeping overall inflammation in check. That means more stable energy and the confidence to handle whatever your day throws at you.

Insider Tip: Adaptogens take time to work, and their effects are often very subtle. If you REALLY want to kick the stress-fighting vibes into hyper-drive, add an adaptogen-fueled wellness tincture to your routine. Our Drops of Sunshine has a powerful mood-boosting kick with ashwagandha, a blend of cannabinoids, and mood enhancing terpenes.

Terpenes Are a Whole MOOD

If you’re new to terpenes, you’re not alone. It’s only been in the last decade that terpene science has really taken off. However, once you understand what terpenes are and where they come from, you’ll realize you’ve been surrounded by terpenes your whole life!

Terpenes are the natural hydrocarbons found in most plants that determine their overall scent and flavor. Don’t believe us?

Do you love the bright, citrusy scent of lemons? Terpenes. 
The sharp, spicy notes of black pepper? Terpenes.
The floral, herbaceous taste of lavender tea? TERPENES!
Terpenes can elevate your mood, increase motivation, and even help us relax - Fifth & Root


Seriously, terpenes are all around us. But they do more than just create some of your favorite scents and tastes. Terpenes interact with us in several ways. Some of them have antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and some can even influence your mood. That’s right, people! 

When we eat, smell, or use skincare products with terpenes in them, they  influence different receptors throughout our bodies. Sometimes these effects are physical (like the anti-inflammatory effects we mentioned above), but other times they can have uplifting, energizing, euphoric, or even calming effects. So, when we say “terpenes are a whole mood,” we mean it!

Here are a few of our favorite terpenes…


If the fresh, zesty scent of lemons gives you a burst of energy and a brighter outlook, you can thank D-Limonene! This terpene is naturally found in lemons, oranges, limes, and a whole host of other citrus fruits. When it comes to skincare, we’re a huge fan of this terpene because it enhances skin penetration. Basically, skincare products with D-Limonene have an easier time fully absorbing into your skin. Neat, right!?

Plus, D-Limonene really does give you a more positive outlook on life. It’s great for reducing stress and anxiety while boosting good vibes and confidence. We don’t know about you, but we can always use an extra dose of that! 


For those of you who prefer the soothing scent of lavender or mint, Linalool is your new best friend. You can also find this terpene in some citrus fruits, cinnamon, and birch, but it’s known for its delicate floral aroma. 

It’s a favorite for anyone who needs help winding down. Commonly found in relaxing aromatherapy products, linalool has powerful sedative properties that help relax your mind and body. 


Have you ever seen one of those moments in a film where the main character decides to hunker down, be productive, and get their life together? Well, if those scenes had a scent, it would be pinene!

Found in, you guessed it, pine needles (along with herbs like rosemary and sage), this terpene is phenomenal when you need a jolt of focused energy and motivation.

Cannabinoids Promote Balance For Mind + Body Wellness

Technically, cannabinoids could fall under the adaptogen category. But if you’ve been with us for a while, you know we hype cannabinoids HARD. That’s why we felt they deserved their own category. But before we jump in too far, we have to explain a bit of anatomy (don’t worry, we’ll keep it brief).

Your body has an ECS (endocannabinoid system) that works behind the scenes to keep all your other systems balanced. It uses its own naturally produced endocannabinoids to accomplish its many balancing acts, but sometimes it’s not enough. Luckily, the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are similar enough that your body can substitute them for its own. We think that’s pretty awesome!

What people might now know, however, is that there are lots of different kinds of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Here are two of our favorites and what they can do for YOU…


Short for cannabidiol, this cannabinoid really does it all. It can work with your ECS and bring balance to your stress responses, sleep cycles, energy levels, and more. Plus, when it comes to your skin, it’s still a heavy-hitter.

We use CBD in our products because it helps quench cortisol to boost collagen and elastin, increase hydration, fight acne, and provide much needed antioxidants. Basically, it helps keep your skin looking and feeling vibrant, clean, and healthy.


This cannabinoid isn’t as well-known as its buddy, but we think it still deserves its moment in the spotlight. 

CBG (or cannabigerol) is particularly useful if you have acne prone skin. Its antibacterial properties help rid your skin of acne-causing bacteria, while it also works to balance oil production for long-term acne relief. Plus, with its unique ability to help skin cells hold on to moisture, you won’t end up with dry, flaky patches.

In addition to all those skin goodies, like CBD, this cannabinoid is really good at soothing stress and boosting your mood. There are certain neurotransmitters in our brains that help us feel specific things (happy, sad, energized, sleepy, etc.). When you use products with CBD or CBG, they can influence the production of these neurotransmitters to help us wind down, de-stress, and generally feel more at ease. 

Enhance Your Wellness Rituals With Mood-Boosting Skincare - Fifth & Root

Enhance Your Wellness Rituals With Mood-Boosting Skincare 

The world can be...a lot. That’s why we like to use every arsenal at our disposal when it comes to feeling and looking our best. Sometimes that means meditating, going on a run, or even just using skincare products with mood-boosting ingredients.

So, this week we’re giving you a challenge. We want you to do something that brings you joy and lifts your mood. It doesn’t have to be skincare related (although we’re TOTALLY behind that), but develop some kind of simple ritual that helps you feel grounded and great about yourself.

Feel free to let us know about your experiences too! We’d love to connect and learn what helps you feel amazing, so don’t forget to follow and tag us in your mood-boosting rituals. 

Thanks for hanging out with us today, cuties! ;)

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