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Beauty Sleep: Sleep Your Way to Healthier Skin!

We've all heard someone say they need their beauty sleep, but does sleep really influence the way we look? Read on and learn exactly how sleep affects our skin.

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We’ve all been guilty of it a time or two. Maybe you just had to binge a few more episodes of your latest guilty pleasure show. Perhaps you and your bestie desperately needed a late-night phone sesh. Or maybe you just pulled an all-nighter to study for exams. Whatever the case, we all lose sleep every once in a while. But is it wreaking havoc on your skin?

Unfortunately, lack of sleep can have a major impact on skin health. We’re not talking about going to bed without taking your makeup off (although that’s NOT helping). Your skin is shockingly hard-working, and lack of sleep means your body won’t have enough energy to keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated, and healthy!

If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes, we’ve got a few details that might change your mind. Keep reading and discover exactly why beauty sleep is so important for your skin.

Lack of Sleep Can Dry Out Your Skin

We weren’t kidding when we said your skin is shockingly hard-working. It’s the largest organ of the human body, and it’s constantly shielding you from environmental stressors while keeping in goodies like water and nutrients. When you don’t get enough rest, however, your skin has a harder time keeping up with those tasks. One of the first things you might notice after pulling an all-nighter is dry skin.

Dry skin happens when our skin barrier becomes dysfunctional or deficient in healthy fats and proteins. Sleep deprivation makes it harder for your skin to maintain its “barrier” tasks. That’s why you end up losing moisture and nutrients through your skin when you don’t get enough sleep. This can look like rough, dry patches that require extra moisture and exfoliation to clean up and heal. 

Whenever we have a busy few days ahead of us, we try to ramp up our skin nutrition with a facial oil. This is a great way to make sure our skin isn’t suffering from our demanding schedules. Plus, the 300 mg of whole plant CBD in our High Glow Radiance Facial Oil helps to promote balance and moisturize our skin without increasing oil production.

Speaking of oil...

Sleep has a major impact on your skin's oil production - Fifth & Root

Your Sleep Habits Have A Big Impact on Oil Production

While some people notice dry skin after an all-nighter, others notice the opposite. This is due, in large part, because of the connection between cortisol and sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone. While that might sound bad, it’s actually really important to your overall wellness. Cortisol helps regulate blood sugar levels, metabolism, reduce inflammation, and more. 

Throughout the day, cortisol levels naturally fluctuate. Normally, they peak around 9 a.m. and are at their lowest around midnight. Low cortisol levels make it easier for your skin to regenerate and heal, so that’s definitely a good thing. However, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will have a harder time decreasing cortisol levels. 

When cortisol levels are consistently high, it can cause your skin to produce extra sebum (oil). Anyone with naturally oily skin already knows that excess oil production can lead to clogged pores, inflammation, and acne. Luckily, if lack of sleep is what’s causing oily, acne-prone skin, then getting beauty sleep will help your body find balance again.

Pro Tip: If your sleep patterns are completely out of whack, consider adding a CBD Tincture to your routine. Our Drops of Sunshine is designed to get you energized in the morning while promoting internal balance and harmony.

Drops of Sunshine Revitalizing Wellness Tincture - Fifth & Root

Poor Sleep Can Lead to a Dull Complexion

If you’re looking for that dewy, glowing complexion, sleep is not negotiable. While you’re sleeping, your body increases blood flow to your skin. This gives it oxygen and nutrients that are necessary to achieve that all-important glowing complexion. 

When you don’t get enough sleep though, your body has a harder time getting the necessary materials to the surface of your skin. This can lead to a dull, uneven skin tone. With the right amount of sleep, however, it’s much easier to get glowing skin, rosy cheeks, and an overall more radiant complexion. 

Getting Enough Sleep Can Reduce Redness and Puffy Eyes

It’s no secret that lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Pretty much every cartoon depiction of sleep deprivation involves sunken eyes circled by bruised-looking skin. While dark circles are genetic to some extent, getting enough sleep can greatly reduce redness and puffy eyes.

When we don’t get enough sleep, blood can actually pool in under-eye vessels. This makes those blood vessels more pronounced and also causes a puffier appearance. Add that to the less-than-stellar complexion that comes with poor sleep, and your eyes can quickly look exhausted and irritated. 

There are a few tried and true methods for reducing redness and puffiness. Ice and cucumbers can help reduce swelling and redness. Even just making sure you’re staying up on your water intake can help. But if sleep deprivation is the cause of your red, puffy eyes, then the best solution is to catch some Zs. 

Poor Sleep Can Age Your Skin

We don’t just mean one or two smile lines (which we actually LOVE). When we say poor sleep can age your skin, here’s what we mean…

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Thinner skin
  • More prone to photodamage

Yeah, we really weren’t kidding. A huge part of the reason poor sleep ages your skin is because collagen is produced while you sleep. If you weren’t aware, collagen is insanely important. It helps promote healthy bones, tendons, ligaments, hair, and especially healthy skin. When your skin has enough collagen, it looks firm, plump, and youthful. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, however, your body has a harder time producing collagen. That might mean more fine-lines and wrinkles, sagging, thinner skin, and more. While there are collagen supplements available, the most bioavailable and beneficial collagen is the kind your body produces for itself. 

Get enough beauty sleep for skin that looks fresh, healthy, and vibrant - Fifth & Root

Skincare Products Don’t Work As Well On Tired Skin

If you’re under the impression that skincare products will erase the signs of sleep deprivation, think again! Products work best when your skin has good blood flow and is exfoliated properly. That makes it easier for your skin to absorb products without being blocked by dead skin cells. 

Unfortunately, when our skin is tired, blood flow isn’t at its best and cell turnover is reduced. So, not only does lack of sleep contribute to dry/oily, dull, and puffy skin, but all those problems actually make it harder for your skincare products to work effectively.

Indulge in Beauty Sleep For Healthier, Happier Skin

We know you’re working hard to make your dreams come true, but do yourself a favor and have an early evening every once in a while. The “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude is so last century! 

Sleep isn’t just self-care. Sleep is a necessary part of your overall health and wellness. So, whether you try to just sleep in on the weekends or develop an entire calming evening ritual, do your best to prioritize rest.

While you’re at it, make sure you’re staying hydrated, eating nutrient-dense foods, and enjoying your life. You weren’t put on this earth to just work. Give yourself permission to revel in your senses, to show gratitude for the things and people you love, and to care for yourself. We love our Fifth & Root family, so we genuinely want to see each and every one of you thrive. 

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