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Adaptogens For Skin: Wild Indigo, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha

Adaptogens are trending for a very good reason. Keep reading and discover how Wild Indigo, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha can transform your skin.

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If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we’re all about clean beauty. That’s why we rely on natural ingredients from mother nature. Plus, considering all the goodies she’s got in her beauty cabinet, it’s not that hard. Everything from flowers and herbs to hemp and gemstones can help enhance your natural beauty and raise your vibrations. Right now, we’re head-over-heels for adaptogens.

Adaptogens help combat stress and promote balance. We don’t know about you, but that’s something our skin can always use more of. So, today we’re taking a moment to express our gratitude for three adaptogens in particular: Wild Indigo, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha. 

Read on and discover how these three adaptogens can seriously transform your skin!

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural plants, flowers, and even mushrooms that help stabilize your body's responses to stress. Sadly, a lot of us are used to being stressed out. What’s even worse though, is that once you adjust to stress, it’s really hard to break that cycle. 

Oftentimes, it starts with something small like a missed exit on the freeway. Then your body tells your nervous system to work harder. At first, you might notice more alertness as your adrenalin picks up, but as that recedes you start to feel irritable and exhausted. Over time, this can cause your immune system to crash which makes your nervous system work even harder, which causes MORE stress...does this sound familiar?

The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. There’s a LOT to be stressed about, so it’s important to have an arsenal of stress-fighting tools at the ready. That’s why we love adaptogens so much! Research suggests that adaptogens are able to stabilize your autonomic nervous system. That’s the system that regulates all the things you don’t consciously control (breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.). When this system is in balance, it’s easier for your body to have a healthy immune system, maintain a regular sleep cycle, and even boost your sexy vibes 😘

Rhodiola calms stressed out skin - Fifth and Root


They’re not a one-and-done solution though. They work slowly over time, so don’t think throwing a bunch in your smoothie one day will suddenly relieve all your stress. That’s why it’s important to incorporate them into your daily habits. Maybe that means adding some to your morning acai bowl or treating yourself to an afternoon Adaptogen latte. Our favorite way to incorporate adaptogens into our routine is by adding them to our skincare products!

Our Second Nature Calming Facial Moisturizer, for example, includes all the adaptogens we’ll be featuring today along with CBD. And yes, in case you were wondering, CBD is an adaptogen too! 

Wild Indigo Soothes Irritated Skin

This perennial flowering plant has been used for centuries in ayurvedic practices to boost the immune system and mild pain relief. When it comes to your skin, however, wild indigo does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to inflammation. 

We’ve included this adaptogen in our moisturizer specifically for its calming properties. Its ability to reduce inflammation makes it phenomenal for sensitive skin or even for acne-prone skin with blemishes.  It’s also great at reducing redness and irritation along with soothing dry, itchy skin. 

Our Second Nature moisturizer uses Wild Indigo to soothe irritated skin - Fifth & Root

Rhodiola Keeps Skin Feeling Young

Also known as Golden Root, this yellow flowering plant is unique among adaptogens. This carefully studied botanical has a unique set of chemicals called rosavins that aren’t found in any other plant. Studies show this phytochemical has potential as a memory aid, however, all you need is a mirror to see its powerful skin benefits.

When you use Rhodiola in skincare products, you’re improving circulation and protection. It helps your skin stand up to environmental stressors (UV damage, pollution, etc) but its powerful antioxidant properties don’t stop there. This particular plant has lots of polyphenols and proanthocyanidins, which help your skin fight oxidative stress and boost cell turnover. 

Many products with Rhodiola in them make “anti-aging” claims and for good reason! All the oxygen it brings to your skin makes it easier to develop healthy new skin cells, boost collagen and elastin, and keep itself safe and protected. What does that mean for you? It means younger-looking skin with less fine lines, a clear and even skin tone, and more plump-looking skin. Sign us up!

Ashwagandha Calms Stressed Out Skin

If you’ve got tired skin and/or stress-acne, this adaptogen is about to rock your world. The Ashwagandha plant is another classic Ayurvedic staple. While it’s leaves and flowers are also useful, it’s roots are where the majority of its stress-fighting powers come from. 

For centuries it’s been used as a therapeutic herb to promote a healthy mind-body balance. When it comes to your skin, however, ashwagandha helps it de-stress, unclog pores, and it can also help even out overall skin tone.

Its natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly helpful for acne-prone skin. It’s also great for energizing skin, boosting collagen and hydration, and combating free radicals. That’s why we’ve put it in our High Glow Radiance Facial Oil. We wanted to add an ingredient that would work in combination with other calming, antioxidant-boosting ingredients to create a powerhouse product designed to reduce signs of stress and aging. 

Ashwaganda isn’t just helpful when applied to the skin though. When ingested, this adaptogen has even more powerful anti-stress properties. The alkaloids and lactones it contains help soothe overactive stress responses while keeping overall inflammation in check. This makes it easier to maintain even energy levels and helps you handle whatever life throws at you.

That’s why our Drops of Sunshine includes Ashwagandha! With mood-boosting terpenes, nourishing cannabinoids, and stress-fighting ashwagandha, our Revitalizing Wellness Tincture is designed to help you chill out and raise your vibrations.

Ashwagandha helps unclog pores and destress skin - Fifth & Root

Enjoy Stress-Free Vibes with Adaptogens

Honestly, any plant, mineral or herb that increases your body’s wellness is ok by us. Times are stressful. That’s why we’re taking stock of our stress-fighting tools, and you should too! So many adaptogens, CBD included, are seriously great for your skin. CBD alone can reduce redness and irritation, combat acne, and increase that high-vibing glow you’ve been trying to achieve since...forever.

Be sure to tag us in your skincare pics on Instagram for a chance to be featured on one of our stories! And don’t forget to stock up on CBD infused skincare so your face can get all the love it deserves.

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