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5 Skin Care Tips for a Fresh and Vibrant Appearance

There are a few words that nearly everyone hopes can apply to their skin—fresh and vibrant are two of them, alongside terms like beautiful, glowing, or flawless. Naturally, having a skin care routine in the first place is a great way to get the fresh vibes and glowy skin you're dreaming of. But for even greater results, you can start to implement a few particular products and concepts into your daily routine to help your complexion reap the benefits of these healthy habits and good-for-you ingredients.

Upgrade your skin care products.

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Unsurprisingly, you should look to your skin care essentials before trying anything else for vibrant skin. Depending on your particular needs, you might look for ingredients like elastin, retinol, bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ceramides, niacinamide, ginger root extract, aloe leaf, cucumber extract, and others. Certain terpenes will prove to be vibrant skin solutions, too! Look for terpineol, d-limonene, or beta-caryophyllene for optimal results. Whether you're buying face wash and creams or sheet masks and chemical peels, read through the ingredients first.

Of course, Fifth & Root products depend on formulas made with these same ingredients. Take our Karmic Cleanse gentle exfoliating cleanser. Terpineol is a key component of this fan favorite, restoring the skin and offering antibacterial properties that fight breakouts. Or, turn to our High Glow radiance calming facial oil. Terpenes like limonene provide an energizing boost for vibrant skin that's sure to shine.

Pay attention to what's in your body.

A variety of foods will give your skin a must-needed boost, which goes beyond the standard cucumber slices on the eyes. Focus on particular vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants and the benefits they provide to not just your skin's health but your gut health and overall wellness, too. You'll likely have many of these radiant skin ingredients in your fridge or pantry already!

  • Healthy fats support skin membranes: avocado, nuts, and seeds like almonds, flax seed, hemp seed, or chia seed, nut butter like almond butter or peanut butter
  • Beta-carotene offers antioxidant and anti aging benefits: sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale, tomato
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen production and brightens skin: beets, strawberry juice, oranges, mango, pineapple
  • Antioxidants protect the skin and reduce pigmentation: blueberries, strawberries, red peppers, turmeric, maple syrup, raw honey

Stay hydrated.

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You know it's important to drink water and otherwise stay hydrated, but it's all the more important to recognize the crucial factor that hydration plays in the health and appearance of your skin. In addition to drinking water, be sure your diet and any accessories or infusions to your water help keep you hydrated, too. For instance, add ginger, lime, or berries to your glass of ice water, or try fresh fruit and juices, greens, and salads, or even add smoothies to your everyday routine. Every juicy molecule will help support healthy skin and overall health! Hydrate your skin both inside and out by increasing your H2O intake and reaching for products like Fifth & Root's Second Nature calming facial moisturizer, with adaptogens, terpenes, and other ingredients formulated to soothe and hydrate with each use.

Create healthy habits.

Your daily skin care routine is an incredible first step toward maintaining healthy habits. Still, it's not the only improvement you can make. For example, getting enough sleep—beauty sleep, if you will—is crucial for beautiful skin. Or, consider your cosmetics and any tools and accessories you use with them. Keeping them clean and free from toxins or replacing them when needed can help fend off skin problems like acne, dry skin, fine lines, or wrinkles, leaving even sensitive skin with fresh vibes and radiance. Alternatively, you might opt to implement daily rituals rather than habits. These routines offer a more intentional, mindful version of your standard healthy habits, making for even greater benefits.

Makeover your life.

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Just like your good habits can support your skin's health, any bad habits can have the opposite effect. One of the best ways to get good skin—or, dare we say, great skin—is to cut back on vices. Stop smoking (if you do) and learn to better manage your stress levels. On a similar note, you may benefit from positive habits even in moderation. For example, your favorite vitamin C formula brightens dull skin to give you a youthful glow but can increase your need for sun protection by decreasing melanin. Be sure you give your skin some downtime between treatments in that case and protect it with extra SPF. When in doubt, talk to your dermatologist or aesthetician about what ingredients you should use and when you should use them.

Get your glow on!

If your goal were a healthy lifestyle, you might add veggie-packed salads or sandwiches to your weekly meal plan or some extra physical activity to your schedule. The same principle, then, should apply to your quest for healthy skin! By adding new, good-for-you habits, taking away detrimental ones, and rethinking your simple daily choices, you'll be able to reach your goals more quickly and with even better end results.

With these tips, your skin's texture, complexion, and overall glow will be better than ever. Perhaps you can start focusing on potassium or other nutrients, taking a nutritional supplement for any potential deficiencies, and making sure your skin care products and diet alike support your skin's health. Or, maybe you can start cutting out bad habits, replacing that stress-fueled cigarette with an anxiety-busting nap or that extra cup of coffee with a hydrating, nutrient-rich smoothie. Whatever the case, you can create a fresher, more vibrant appearance one skin care tip at a time. By analyzing your favorite products' formulas or the nutrients you get through your food, you and your skin will greet the world with a newfound radiance, glowing through whatever life throws at you.

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