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5 Healthy Holiday Gifts to Inspire Loved Ones

The holiday season is a time of embracing indulgences and making memories, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy healthy holidays while you’re at it! Browse our favorite healthy gifts for everyone at your holiday parties or other gatherings this time of year—and be sure to treat yourself in the process as well.

Holiday shopping is a top priority for just about everyone this time of year, no matter what holiday you happen to celebrate. Even those who don’t turn to a particular special occasion will most likely seek out free shipping and great deals from November through January.

As you search for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, take some time to consider whether your gifts can guide your recipients toward a healthier lifestyle in the new year. By choosing unique gifts, you‘ll not only find the best gift for everyone on your shopping list—you’ll be finding a great gift that’s a great addition to their health and wellness routine year-round.

Offer a new healthy habit.

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When you browse gift guides, you probably aren’t seeing “new habits” listed as a great choice for holiday gifts. After all, you can’t even put a habit into a gift box! Yet, even if it isn’t the first thing to come to mind, a habit-inspired present can easily be one of the best healthy gifts you could offer. If nothing else, you’ll be offering a gift that can last a literal lifetime.

For instance, is your friend perpetually in awe of your skincare regimen? Put together a care package with some of your go-to masks, serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and carefully curated formulas to let them take their own routine (or lack thereof) to the next level. Naturally, we suggest our favorite Fifth & Root products to build their new skincare routine!

Find your fitness fanatic’s favorite workout.

Is your gift recipient a diehard yogi, or always turning to their go-to gadget to track their heart rate? They just might be your friendly neighborhood fitness fanatic! Fortunately, this also means you’ve got a whole world of workout-inspired gifts to explore. Whether it’s a water bottle and yoga mat or a pedometer and sneakers or Lululemon leggings, your friend, family member, or coworker will be thrilled by your thoughtful gifts.

Do you know that the recipient of your gift has been wanting to try a particular workout program or app? Research whether that program offers a gift subscription you could surprise them with. You can even upgrade this healthy gift by adding on something special like our Bliss This Body Revitalizing Bundle, which can help boost their wellness both inside and out with our Drops of Sunshine Revitalizing Wellness Tincture and Salvation All Over CBD Salve. Then, they’ll soothe any aches and pains that might pop up while they revamp their workout routine!

Show that healthy food tastes good, too.

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Healthy gifts in the realm of food don’t have to be boring. A healthy gift basket or other healthy foodie-focused present can have plenty of snacks and goodies that will taste great while being good for the recipient. Take note of whether the person you’re shopping for has any dietary restrictions, like allergies or celiac disease (meaning they need gluten-free options), or follows a lifestyle/diet like keto, paleo, or vegan. Then, use that knowledge to find some healthy snacks or accessories to help them make healthy food choices.

Of course, you can treat them to good-for-you goodies, whether that’s popcorn, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, or even veggies or berries to snack on. Alternatively, though, you can also surprise them with the tools to make their own food with healthy flavor. Consider an air fryer or pressure cooker as a great way to try out healthy recipes. Or, splurge on that Vitamix or other high-speed blender so they can make their favorite pineapple smoothies at home! Snacks can be delicious, whether it’s with a sprinkle of cinnamon or ingredients with a ton of vitamin C. And, remember—it’s always a good idea to add some bonus treats with some healthy vitamins for them to enjoy. Fifth & Root‘s clean skincare has plenty of vitamins in your new favorite gifts, too, and they’ll be a wonderful added bonus alongside the gift of healthy eating.

Give the gift of relaxation.

For yet another healthy gift, consider choosing a present that will boost your recipient’s mental health, in addition to their physical health. Truly, who among us isn’t craving a little extra relaxation? Of course, skincare is an especially powerful tool in your relaxation toolkit. So why not put together a gift basket of thoughtful presents like your favorite skincare products? This is a perfect way to introduce your best friend to those Epsom salts you love, the DIY olive oil face mask you use regularly, or the silk pillowcase you swear by.

Fifth & Root, naturally, offers plenty of skincare essentials that can help relax your mind and body. Try one of our bundles, like the Time to Chill Bundle with Tincture and Mask, as a great way to promote relaxation. Alternatively, you might choose some relaxing essential oils or other scents or pick up a gift certificate to a local spa. You’ll find there is no shortage of necessities you can add to your loved one’s TLC routine. Who knew there were so many gift ideas that can ease your loved one’s headspace?

Support a healthy hobby.

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Your gift recipients may very well have a hobby already that promotes a healthy lifestyle. For instance, maybe their regular yoga class is the brightest moment of their week. Then, you might offer a new yoga mat to surprise them—plus, it may even make a huge difference in their practice. Or, perhaps they love to cook all sorts of healthy foods. Then, you could offer them new favorites for their pantry (like spices, herbs, or other ingredients, for instance) or other kitchen tools.

In short, you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas by looking at what healthy hobbies your friend, coworker, or family member already has. From a foam roller for sore muscles post-pilates to skincare products for winter regimens, there’s surely a gift that will scratch their existing itch for healthy living.

Surprise the people you love with healthy holiday gifts—and include yourself in the celebration, too!

From new gadgets and cookbooks to help satisfy their sweet tooth to a gift card to your local massage therapist, you can offer your loved ones all sorts of gifts to promote happy and healthy holidays this winter season. Good-for-you gift ideas can work for beginners and experts in healthy living, but they can offer just as much comfort and attention as any other thoughtful gift could.

Consider—you’d surprise your favorite coffee lovers with a tasty brew or surprise your friend who loves all things hygge with warm blankets or other cozy essentials. Why wouldn’t you treat your health-focused friend with those boutique fitness classes or a gift box filled with relaxing skincare offerings?

Sure, you can buy gadgets, like new earbuds or a personal blender as ways to surprise your loved ones with something exciting. But you can just as easily take your gift-giving a step further by choosing that Fitbit to support their new workout routine or fancy sea salt to uplevel their food prep in the new year. Whether it’s essential oils or a scent diffuser to relax the mind or a salve to reduce muscle soreness and discomfort, your health-conscious friends, family members, or coworkers will surely be thrilled by the perfect stocking stuffer or another healthy choice of present you’ve chosen for them this time of the year. Healthy gifts can be fun, too!

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